If you are battling with oppression, depression or demonic spirits then you have come to the right website.  Here at Tampa Deliverance Ministry the five fold ministry is in operation. We anoint with oil and pray for the sick and oppressed and we also cast out devils by the Spirit of God.

It is the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage and our services are lead by the Holy Ghost. If someone needs prayer or deliverance  we will stop service and pray for that individual. We desire to be led by the Holy Ghost at all times. We never charge for prayer, the word, or deliverance. Freely we have received, so freely we give. We want to see you delivered!

Drug addicts have come in off the street and have been delivered. Those with mind problems and mental afflictions have been made free in Jesus name. Tumors have dried up and one individual with Aids has been healed .  Some individuals have been delivered from homosexuality, and so much more..

Jesus said if I come to you casting out devil by the Spirit of God , know that the kingdom of God has come unto you. Here at Tampa Deliverance Ministry, you will be touched by the life changing,true transforming power of the Holy Ghost. We are a cut above the rest in this modern day deliverance ministry. It is not about a certificate or ministry paper it is about the power of the Holy Ghost!

Come And Experience The True Anointing of Jesus Christ!

We Are A Biblical & Scriptural Deliverance Ministry , Casting Out Devils By The Holy Ghost.
Matthew 12:28  

But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.
If you need deliverance we'd be glad to assist you -- please phone ahead for an appointment.

If you live in Florida we recommend that you come to our church if you are able so that we may work with you in person. Most deliverance is conducted during church services. We deal with spirits as they manifest. If you want deliverance it is available to you here. We have been in operation here since 1995.

                     We will see you soon!
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Tampa Deliverance Ministry...

                                 Where The Anointing Destroys The Yoke Of Bondage!
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