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Rent, electricity, gas, medicine or food which could you live without? This is the question facing many people in our city and community. The donations we receive  from YOU will help to provide a safety net for those we serve in need.

Tampa Deliverance Ministry Inc.  mission is to provide food, a place to sleep, housing and clothing, to those who are experiencing temporary emergencies in our community. Our goal is to help prevent people from being hungry or being left in desperate need with no help.

Currently our ministry feeds approximately 200 families a week. Sometimes we can provide a safe place to sleep or temporary shelter, but we do not currently have the facilities to house individuals and families like we desire to.

That is where you can help and take part. No matter where you live and what state your in or what country your from. By making an easy donation online you can help us provide for so many more families and individuals that need help.

We have several goals we are working towards...

Renting or Buying Houses to provide Emergency Shelter.
Purchase more food to feed those in nee
Purchase or rent another facility because we have outgrown our small building.
Expand our ministry to provide an after school program for kids and teens.
Open a daycare to help those families who cannot afford childcare.

These are just a few of our goals .

We are a non profit 510 C3 ministry.
We are a very small ministry with only about 20 members. our current facility is very small and our foodbank is constantly expanding. We really have run out of room to run our ministry but we still make due with the space we have because the need in so great in our area and beyond. We do not even have enough room for all the people we serve to come in and sit down. We still manage with the help of Jesus to feed almost 200 families a week. we provide them an entire box full of food. We give everyone as it is available, meat, fresh vegtables and fruit, dairy, eggs, cangoods, commodities, bread, and sweets. Whatever we have we give. if someone donates clothes to us we put them out for the people to get for free.

We give the people our best. We do not hold back. We fund this all out of our own pockets.  We do not know how to write a grant and have not had the extra funds available to pay someone to do it for us so at this time we have net recieved any grants or been funded by any outside sources. We pay for everything out of pocket.

Will you please join us to help those in need by giving an easy donation?

Your easy donation will help Tampa Deliverance Ministry reach its goal that will feed, shelter and provide assistance to the low income, elderly, children, mothers, homeless, unemployed and those experiencing temporary emergencies.

Your easy donation will help run our Ministry and because of you and your support
we will be able to help so many more peopleand families.

Please partner with us to fight hunger and serve all who are in need.

Last year, Tampa Deliverance Ministry distributed over 96,000 pounds of food to the
hungry . Please help us to do more.

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